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Online spraying equipment

Online spraying equipment

Online spraying equipment

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Online water curtain spraying equipment----Online spraying equipment

Water curtain automatic spraying room

The water curtain spray booth is a device that uses water to capture paint mist. It generally consists of an exhaust device, a water supply device, a trap paint mist curtain and a shower device, a gas water separation device, a duct, and the like.
The basic process of treating the paint mist in the water curtain spray booth is: under the action of the exhaust force of the exhaust fan, the air containing the paint mist flows toward the inner wall water curtain of the water curtain spray booth, and a part of the paint mist directly contacts the water on the water curtain panel. The film is adsorbed, and a part of the paint mist is washed away by the water curtain when passing through the water curtain which is smashed down on the water curtain plate, and the remaining residual paint mist not caught by the water film and the water curtain is cleaned when passing through the water washing area and the washing area. Off; the combination principle is:

a. Increase the paint mist treatment time, from the work of the paint mist to the treatment before the fan is discharged, to ensure sufficient treatment.

b. Increase the chance that the paint mist will be thrown to the wall or water surface of the treatment chamber under the action of gravity, inertial force, centrifugal force, etc., so that the paint mist can be better captured.
c. Increase the chance of contact between water particles and paint mist, make the paint mist fully agglomerate, or make the paint mist adhere to the liquid film or bubbles, or use the particles as the core to produce dew condensation to improve the efficiency of paint mist treatment.

The online water curtain cabinet is the conveying line for conveying the workpiece from the water curtain cabinet, and the workpiece is sprayed and produced when passing through the water curtain cabinet; while spraying, the water curtain cabinet enters the furnace, and the online water curtain cabinet can be The size of the customer's product is designed, and the design team of Lihui is tailor-made for the most suitable equipment.

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