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Hardware spraying and curing furnace

Hardware spraying and curing furnace

Hardware spraying and curing furnace

Contact number:13903031357

Detailed description

Hardware Spray Curing Furnace----Hardware spraying and curing furnace

Spray curing oven refers to the production process of parts heating, resin curing and drying used in the spraying industry and various other industries to enhance the stress of material bonding; the curing container is the curing furnace;

Main technical parameters of metal spray curing oven
1. Temperature range: adjustable from room temperature to 250 °C.
2. Temperature control accuracy: box temperature and set temperature error? 3 ° C
3. The rate of rise, the rate of decline, and the hold time of the temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted by the program input;
5. Power supply: AC3Φ380V 50HZ
6. Power: Calculated by furnace size;
7. Alarm conditions: temperature is out of control, mixing and exhaust motor damage, heating power supply, exhaust power supply is off (control power supply is uninterrupted)

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