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Drawing the principle of the floor plan of the spr

文章来源:http://www.dglhjd.cn/news/57.html     发表时间:2018-06-12

The principle of drawing the layout plan of the spraying equipment:

1 The floor plan of the factory building is provided by the customer;

2 Understand customer needs, according to customer needs, understand the specific parameters of the equipment required: workpiece size, output, paint requirements of customer products, quality level

3 understand the process of spraying paint on customer products;

4 According to the floor plan of the plant, in accordance with the fire safety requirements, the smooth flow of the production and the installation area of the equipment, the overall specification is determined to build a complete set of equipment that is suitable for customer requirements such as dust-free, manual spraying.

     With the above basic design information, you can start to plan the process floor plan. The following principles must be followed when drawing.
1. Determine the way the layout is arranged. Generally, the medium and small coating lines are arranged in a single layer partition, and the large coating line should be arranged in a multi-layered three-dimensional partition. The three-dimensional partitioning can distribute the auxiliary equipment in the upper middle layer or the lower layer of the main equipment, so that the process operation area is favorable for the coating quality and convenient for the workshop management. This arrangement is costly, but reasonable and advanced.
2. Determine the size of non-standard equipment and the specifications of major supporting equipment
3. The logistics and people flow routes should be smooth. At the same time, the maintenance passage and safety fire passage of the equipment should be considered. The general safety fire passage width is 3-3.5m, the logistics transport passage width is 2-2.5m, and the pedestrian flow passage width is 1.5m.
4. The pre-treatment equipment is preferably arranged on a straight line. When it is necessary to turn, it must also be in a straight line before the phosphating process. Under the premise of preventing string water as much as possible, the transition section between the pre-treatment steps should be shortened as much as possible, and the time should not exceed 1 min. In case of necessity, in order to prevent the workpiece from rusting, it is necessary to add a spray section in the transition section. When drying is required after the pre-treatment, immediately enter the moisture drying room to prevent the workpiece from rusting.
5. After the electrophoresis is finished, it is necessary to enter the drying chamber as soon as possible to prevent the coating from resolving.
6. Painting, leveling and drying stations also need to be arranged in a straight line as much as possible.
7. It is necessary to add a gas seal section (1.5-2m) between the cleaning room and the spray booth to prevent dust from contaminating the coating.
8. The positioning reference line of the plan is the axis and the standard must be accurate. The external dimensions and positioning dimensions of each device should also be cleared.
9. It is necessary to reserve the location and area of each large supporting equipment reasonably and preparedly.
10. If the painting workshop is a new factory, the location of each exhaust and air intake should be reserved accurately under possible conditions to avoid damage to the plant.

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