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Guiding ideology of coating line process design

文章来源:http://www.dglhjd.cn/news/56.html     发表时间:2018-06-12

Guiding ideology of coating line process design
The definition of painting is that the white product produced needs to be surface-decorated and anti-corrosive to achieve a beautiful appearance. It is necessary to design a complete set of surface treatment equipment according to the surface treatment process to complete the surface treatment requirements of the product. This requirement is the guiding ideology of painting process design.
   The process design reflects the grade level of the coating production line, which determines the engineering investment, the practicality of the coating line, the operating cost and the coating cost of the product, so it must be carefully planned and studied. The following points should be noted in the design of the coating process.
1. To master the economic principle of "less investment, more productive"
   The same product, the same production scale, the same coating standards, to minimize equipment investment and operating costs, is the economic principle that must be followed in process design. However, to truly achieve this principle goal, it is not enough to rely solely on book knowledge. Designers must have extensive experience in such process design and fully understand the overall situation of the design of the coating line. After sufficient argumentation, it is possible to design science. Reasonable process.
2. Reasonable selection of the year base
   Because the annual base affects the production cycle and the conveying speed, which affects the size of non-standard equipment and the specifications of the supporting equipment, which ultimately affects the project cost. At present, the working systems of domestic enterprises are different. Some work for 251 days in the whole year, and some work for 300 days or more. Every day, it is 16 hours for two shifts, and there are also three shifts for 24 hours. The production of small speakers is calculated by 90%. The commonly used annual technology is 250 days*16h/day*90%=3600h.
3. Reasonable material selection and reasonable determination of supporting equipment
   Non-standard equipment must reasonably select the specifications of materials and supporting equipment under the premise of ensuring quality requirements and ensuring service life. However, some enterprises are excessively pursuing high-grade. For example, in the pre-treatment process, all equipment, tanks, pipes, etc. are all made of stainless steel, which is actually unnecessary. The degreasing and post-washing system has less corrosive effect on ferrous metals due to its more alkaline, and it can meet the production needs by using ordinary carbon steel. In addition, the specifications of the groove ribs are very different, and there is a lack of calculation data. The design, materials and specifications of the Japanese coating company are reasonable and the effect is very good.
In addition, the capacity of some large-scale ancillary equipment, such as the main circulation pump, ultrafilter, and pure water device of the electrophoresis tank, is too large or improper. When the last pure water wash after electrophoresis is necessary for high-grade products, it can achieve better coating quality after being washed with practical tap water as parts of automobile frames and wheels.
4. Reasonable layout and accurate selection of the size of non-standard equipment
   The layout of each process of painting on the line directly affects the cost of the coating line, whether the logistics is normal, and the more comprehensive consideration of all aspects, the more reasonable and accurate the design of non-standard equipment, the more reasonable the project cost will be.
5. Saving energy
   The coating process is designed according to the performance requirements of the coating. To save energy, we must start with the choice of coating. As a coating process design engineer, you must be familiar with and master the performance requirements of various coatings, which is also the basis for the design of the coating process. But it is often seriously ignored in this respect.
The importance of painting process equipment
   The importance of the coating process equipment is whether the products it produces can meet the quality requirements of the products. This requires the preliminary design of the coating equipment to be fully safe, smooth, and the equipment is running smoothly. The main design includes the process. Design, non-standard equipment design, conveyor system design, and electrical, civil, and utility design. The process design is the “faucet” that runs through the entire coating line design process. The standard requirements for coatings vary from product to product. For example, cars and home appliances are very different. In terms of cars, cars and trucks are different, and the standard requirements for coatings for bodies, frames, and steel rings are different. It is also very big. Therefore, in order to design a reasonable coating line, we must first have a reasonable process design. Other designs should be carried out according to the process requirements.
According to the design procedure, the coating materials used should be determined first, so that the process design can be carried out, but this step is often impossible. Some of the processes in the frame and rim coating process, such as pickling, should improve the materials used and try to phase out the process.
Reduce energy by properly selecting the coating materials, correctly selecting the process temperature and time

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