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What are the classifications of conveyors in the c

文章来源:http://www.dglhjd.cn/news/54.html     发表时间:2018-06-12

In the large-scale painting line, mechanized transportation is an artery that plays a role of organization and coordination, and is the core of automation and scientific management. It directly affects the advancement and rationality of the entire coating line. Reliability is the core equipment in the coating line. Conveyor classification in two categories: air conveyors and ground conveyors
Commonly used in air conveyors are:
Ordinary suspension conveyors, accumulation suspension conveyors, pendulum conveyors, full-rotation reverse conveyors, gantry automatic conveyors, self-propelled hoists, etc.
Ground conveyors are:
Ordinary ground push conveyor (also divided into vertical chain and ring ground chain), ground reverse accumulation conveyor and skid conveyor.
How to plan the conveyor in the coating line:
   1 When selecting the transportation mode in the planning, we must fully consider the impact of different vehicle delivery forms on the quality of the body coating, as well as the required investment (including process equipment and civil engineering), and the net capacity that can be achieved. , equipment operation, maintenance, maintenance costs and other factors.
   2 Reasonable choice of chain model and carrying capacity, too much waste, increase initial investment, too small for long-term operation, fail to meet production requirements, increase maintenance time,
    The new production line will significantly increase paint utilization, effectively save energy and reduce emissions. The newly-applied new paint production line, advanced equipment and leading technology not only greatly reduced the production energy consumption, but also provided a strong guarantee for the launch of new products, continuously improved the production process, vigorously implemented management innovation, and achieved scale improvement and consumption reduction. The double benefits of reducing emissions.

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