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What are the interesting places in the design of p

文章来源:http://www.dglhjd.cn/news/3.html     发表时间:2018-05-17

What are the interesting places in the design of plastic spraying equipment?

Generally speaking, it is necessary to pay attention to the design of the coating production line. Even if it is related to the design of the equipment, if it is not considered well, it will have many adverse effects on the operation of the production line and the operation of the workers;

First: the more important the production capacity of the coating line is because it involves two aspects: one. It will involve the investment cost of the coating line and the management cost after completion of production, thus affecting Future painting production costs and their return on investment. Second, the coating line process design is perfect, Hedan. It is an important factor affecting the quality of the coating after the completion of the coating line, and the production cost must be consistent with the material, size and surface of the pre-coated part. The state and its coating film have technical requirements for its technology, and the production efficiency is enough to affect its economic benefits. Therefore, it is not suitable to design the coating line production capacity too large or too small.

Second: Advocate overflow washing to ensure that the workpiece is fully cleaned and the stringing phenomenon is reduced. When overflowing, water should be introduced from the bottom, and the overflow hole on the diagonal line overflows.

Third: for any kind of phosphating solution will produce more or less sediment (light iron color phosphating sediment), should be marked with phosphating slag removal device, especially spray phosphorus In the process of slag removal, the slag removal device is indispensable. Typical slag removal devices include: sloping plate precipitator, high-position sedimentation tower, centrifugal slag remover, paper bag filter residue, etc.