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Robotic spray manufacturers introduce you to the t

文章来源:http://www.dglhjd.cn/news/1.html     发表时间:2018-05-17

Robotic spray manufacturers introduce you to the treatment of coating impurities in coating equipment

The coating impurities in the coating equipment are mainly derived from the particles in the dusting environment, as well as impurities caused by various other factors. The specific classification is as follows, and the corresponding treatment methods are proposed for reference.

(1) Curing the impurities in the furnace; the solution is to thoroughly clean the inner wall of the curing furnace with a damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner, focusing on the gap between the suspension chain and the duct. If it is a black large particle impurity, it is necessary to check whether the air duct filter is damaged or not, and replace it in time.
(2) Impurities in the powder spraying room; mainly dust, clothing fibers, equipment abrasive grains and dusting of the dusting system. The solution is to use a compressed air purge of the dusting system before starting work every day, and thoroughly clean the dusting equipment and the dusting chamber with a damp cloth and a vacuum cleaner.
(3) Hanging chain impurities; airless spraying machine is mainly the product of the hanging chain oil retaining plate and the primary spreader water receiving plate (material is hot-dip galvanized plate) which is corroded by pretreatment acid and alkali vapor. The solution is to clean up these facilities on a regular basis.
(4) Powder impurities; mainly powder additives such as excessive powder additives, uneven pigment dispersion, and powders caused by extrusion. The solution is to improve the quality of the powder and improve the way the powder is stored and transported.
(5) Pre-treatment impurities; high-pressure airless spraying machine is mainly a small impurity caused by large particle impurities caused by phosphating slag and yellow rust of phosphating film. The solution is to clean the slag in the phosphating tank and the spray pipeline in time, and control the concentration and proportion of the phosphating bath.
(6) Water quality impurities; mainly impurities caused by excessive sand content and excessive salt content in the water used in the pretreatment. The solution is to add a water filter and use pure water as the last two levels of wash water.